In January 21-24, 2019, the control system AVR SDPK was tested as a part of a turbogenerator excitation system СВТГ 3,85к/375 1КСТ2,5-АР24-УХЛ4, installed on Unit 3 Kharkivska CHPP-5.
The tests were carried out in accordance with «Energy Technology and Governance Program (ETAG) Ukraine power system support project consultancy to Ukrenergo for interconnection of Ukraine electric transmission grid with ENTSO-E».
Tests were conducted with the participation of NPC Ukrenergo (Ukraine), Kharkivska CHPP-5 (Ukraine), Kievskaya CHPP-5 (Ukraine), RDE “Preobrazovatel-complex” (Ukraine), DMCC Engineering (Ukraine), EPRA (Turkey), United States Energy Association (USA), Institute Of Power Engineering From Gdansk (Poland).
The test results showed sufficient efficiency of the power system stabilizer (PSS) and the automatic voltage regulator AVR – components of the control system structure AVR SDPK:

– AVR system with its PSS functionality is observed to have a significant damping for local mode of oscillations,
– AVR system with its PSS functionality provides positive damping for interarea oscillation frequencies as low as 0.2 Hz.
This clearly indicates the unit will not negatively influence the interarea mode of oscillation which will be observed by Ukraine, given the frequency is expected to be higher than 0.2 Hz.»

Previously, AVR SDPK was tested on a physical test complex at «Joint Stock Company High Voltage Direct Current Power Transmission Research Institute» system integrator UES of Russia.
The control system structure AVR SDPK is a modification of the known structure of the automatic voltage regulator of strong action, and contains:

  • PID of stator voltage;
  • stabilization channels:
    – by frequency deviation of stator voltage;
    – by frequency derivative of stator voltage;
    – by excitation current derivative;
  • channel blockers.

As of today, AVR SDPK is installed as a part of the excitation systems of the LLC “RDE “Preobrazovatel-complex” at 18 power units with a total capacity of 1679 MW in the Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Georgia areas.