Large-grade rolling shop of Azovstal PJSC mill 800


In the large-grade rolling shop of Azovstal PJSC, commissioning and commissioning were completed and the previously delivered transformers of the main electric drive of mill 800 – КТЕ5-АС-10к/930-В04340-С23-УХЛ4 for supplying the anchor circuits of the engine were commissioned П2-23/106-7,1УХЛ4 and КТЕ5-ВС-500/440-ЕР1100-С01-УХЛ4 for supplying the field winding.

Engine Parameters:

  • rated power, kW                                                                7100
  • rated rotation speed, rpm                                               80/125
  • rated current of the anchor, In,  А                                 8050
  • rated voltage of the anchor, V                                         930
  • overload capacity, In:
    • maximum working                                                     2,5
    • shutdown                                                                      2,75

The thyristor converter for powering the anchor circuits is made according to a 12-pulse circuit and consists of 2 reverse thyristor bridges.
In the converter for supplying the anchor circuits, devices for remote on-line monitoring of the converter’s operation by the manufacturer via the Internet are installed – the quality of regulation, the reading of emergency “traces”, etc.