PJSC "Zaporizhstal" (modernization)


pcomplexIn November 2017, products for modernisation of the mill 1150 (“slabbing mill”) were supplied to ZAPORIZHSTAL and commissioned. Deteriorated and outdated electrical equipment of electric drives in the horizontal roll stands of the mill was replaced.

The scope of delivery included:

  • 2 thyristor converters for a current of 12500 A and a voltage of 750 V;
  • 2 thyristor converters for power supply of horizontal stands motors excitation windings;
  • automatic process control system (APCS) of the mill consisting of:
    – controller cabinet;
    2 data collections devices with further transfer to the network;
    – operator’s workstation;
    workstation for diagnostics and data storing.

The control system sets velocity demands of horizontal and vertical stands in the rolling schedule, the roll diameters, the gaps in mechanical gears, the need for “skiing”, etc. Additionally, it performs technological locking and protection, and generates information traffic into the central diagnostic system in the workshop.

The mill APCS fulfils optimization of rolling processes, visualization thereof and process data storing, as well as communication with the upper level of plantwide system.

All equipment is united by three types of networks: CAN (for the lower level of the integrating transducers and the workshop diagnostics system), Profibus – (control system devices) and Ethernet (communication of the process controllers with the factory top-level server).

In accordance with the contract the works were carried out “on a turn-key basis” and included:

  • detailed design development;
  • development and manufacturing of equipment as object-oriented, with an option to use the existing power bus system as fully as possible;
  • old equipment dismantling;
  • new equipment installation and erection;
  • equipment commissioning and setup.

All works re. dismantling, installation and setup were completed in 12 days with three shift-work, as a part of the scheduled annual overhaul works in PJSC ZAPORIZHSTAL