The speed control system for the 4-stand cold rolling mill at PJSC ILYICH IRON AND STEEL WORKS OF MARIUPOL.

The setup and commissioning of the velocity control system for the 4-stand mill was performed by our company.

The velocity control system consisted of a mill modes control subsystem (MMCS) and a mill automatic presetting subsystem (MAPS).

MMCS secured:

  • a job setup for the mill speed;
  • commanded speed level, initial reduction and specified reduction of the stands;
  • a job setup for the speed controllers on each of the rolls according to the mill speed standard, with a given reduction and subject to the work rolls diameter;
  • no tension snatches during acceleration and deceleration of the mill;
  • mill braking in case of a breakdown in one of the mill’s main drives;
  • generation of a forced mill stop in case of a strip breaking;
  • converters control on stands №1-4;
  • housing screw converters control on stands №1-4;
  • visualization of the strip rolling process and power parameters of the automation object.

MAPS accomplished the following functions:

  • creation of a database with initial settings for the mill drives parameters;
  • automatic selection from the database of initial settings for parameter groups related to a specific strip assortment rolling;
  • creation of a command to change the initial settings before rolling the next strip.