PJSC "KAMET-STEEL", Metinvest Group
Converters for the cart of the ore-clamshell reloader


Two converters КТЕ5-АС-1,0к/460-ЕР2604-C21-УХЛ4 are ready for shipment for the sinter plant’s ore grab loader truck №2, ore yard, plant PJSC “Kamet-Stal”. The converters were manufactured taking into account the individual technical requirements of the Customer.

The trolley electric drive consists of 4 motors connected in series-parallel. The motors of each axis are connected in series, and the motors of the axles are connected in parallel, so the converters have two modes of operation – working and standby. The working mode is designed to work with all engines, and the standby mode is designed to work with one axis.

Engine parameters:
– rated armature current, Iн = 390 A;
– rated armature voltage, Uн = 220 V.

Converter parameters:
– rated current, Iн = 1000 A;
– rated voltage, Uн = 460 V.