TPP PJSC "Rubzhansky cardboard-soldier plant"


The thyristoric excitation system of the STS-300-800 2.5 UHL4 was modernized to ensure the stable and trouble-free operation of the G2 generator (20 MW) of the GTU-15 TPP PJSC “Railway Cardboard and Tarry Plant”.
As part of the modernization, a control cabinet was developed and mounted, which replaced existing controls, ARV and protection.
The commissioning and commissioning of the excitation system with a new control cabinet were completed.

generator parameters:

  • Nominal active power – 20.0 MW;
  • Nominal voltage – 10.5 kV;
  • nominal current – 1375 a;
  • Nominal excitation current – 548 A;
  • excitation voltage – 192 century

The parameters of the excitation system:

  • Power converter parameters:
    – nominal rectified voltage – 300 V;
    – nominal rectified voltage – 300 V;
    – rated supply voltage – 572 V;
  • cooling shu natural air;
  • Reservation of controls, ARV and two -channel protection according to the 1+1 scheme.

The ARV regulator is a strong-action regulator of the ARV-SDPK of the development “NPP” Preverter-Compulsion “.