Zorya-Mashproekt Gas Turbine Research and Development Complex


In order to ensure a stable and trouble-free operation in power supply system of TZFG-110-2M generator at Kaborga power generating plant, owned by Zorya-Mashproekt, a modernisation of equipment was made.
As part of modernisation, NPP Preobrazovatel-complex developed designs, manufactured, assembled and commissioned in December 2015 the following:
– generator excitation system control cabinet;
– static frequency converter control cabinet,
– PC-based automated workstation.
Before commissioning, the existing power circuit was inspected.
Control cabinets were developed on the basis of present-day controlling tools provided by NPP Preobrazovatel-complex.

Due to application of a special algorithm for the static frequency converter control we were able to achieve the following:
– significantly reduce the torsionals, which enabled to decrease dynamic loads on mechanics,
– reduce the inrushing currents, which allowed to increase the acceptable starting frequency of generator.
The software for excitation system was developed based on ARV-SDPK, a PD-controller, which proved its reliability on many location sites.
The automated workstation software provided for monitoring of technological and internal parameters of the excitation system and the static frequency converter in real time, automatic storing of parameters, and maintaining a data log.