Diode converters for electrolysis

General characteristics

  • Rated currents: from 10 kA to 100 kA;
  • Rated voltage: from 50 to 460V;
  • The power unit – diode rectifier is implemented as 3-phase bridge circuit with 12-pulse rectification mode.

Structural design

  • The product consists of the following cabinets:
    – Rectifying cabinets;
    – Rectifier control cabinet;
    – Remote control cabinet;
    – Automatic transfer switch cabinet;
    – Automated Workstation (AWS).
  • Devices of local control and adjustment on the control cabinet door:
    – Electrolysis current and network current devices;
    – Current devices in each block;
    – Console terminal;
    – Tap changing buttons for NLTC (OLTC)
    – Lamps: “Power Supply”, “Readiness”, “Warning”, “Accident”;
    – State lamps NLTC (OLTC).
  • Devices of local control and adjustment on the remote control cabinet door:
    – DC voltage device;
    – Console terminal;
    – Lamps: “Warning”, “Accident” for each device;
  • Special aspects of AWS:
    – The rectifiers control is fulfilled through a special software shell;
    – The use of fiber-optic cable enables installation of AWS at a considerable distance from the converters and provides high noise immunity;
  • AWS is connected to the remote control cabinet via ProfiBus network.


  • Control:
    – stepped control of output voltage by switching transformer taps using OLTC (NLTC);
  • Fully featured protection system:
    – Converter protection;
    – Transformer protection;
    – Technological protection.

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