Converters for NPP electromagnetic filters power supply

Automated power supply system for electromagnetic filters (APS EMF) is intended for iron oxides removal from turbine condensate at Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants.

APS EMF contains a DC power supply for a magnetic cleaning filter, hardware and software for automated control of the filter’s main operation modes and of the electric drive for isolation valves on water treatment path, as well as for control of basic technological parameters of the filter.

APS EMF complies with the requirements of GOST15.001-88, GOST 18142.1-85, Special Requirements for the Supply of Equipment, Instruments, Materials, and Products for Nuclear Energy Facilities. The product pertains to normal operating system not affecting the safety. The classification designation is 4H in accordance with the General provisions for security of atomic power stations NP 306.2.141-2008.

APS EMF enables autonomous setting-up with simulation of isolation valves position without special test equipment.

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