Diode converters for workshop networks

DE3M rectifiers are designedfor power supply of operative DC circuits and asynchronous motors’ dynamic braking circuits.

General specifications of DE3M:

  • rated currents: from 50 A to 800 A;
  • rated voltage: from 115 V to 230 V;
  • power unit – diode rectifier implemented according to a three-phase bridge circuit;
  • cooling – natural air cooling;
  • increased reliability – switching equipment and electronic components of the leading world manufacturers.



DE3M rectifier has a cabinet-type design.

Inside the DE3M cabinet the following components are located:

  • circuit breaker on the AC side;
  • rectifier operational control starter;
  • rectifier transformer;
  • diode bridge rectifier;
  • network voltage control relay and isolation control device;
  • measuring shunt;
  • external terminal blocks.

Measuring, signaling and control equipment are installed on the front side of the rectifier door.
The power part of the rectifier consists of a three-phase power transformer and a rectifier bridge, implemented according to a six-pulse three-phase bridge rectifying circuit on diode modules. The protection of diode modules and transformer is provided by an AC switch.
The steady-state deviation of input and output voltages should not exceed +10% minus 15% of the nominal value. The transformer taps are intended for compensation of extended deviation of the input voltage by ± 5% of the nominal value.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery for the DE3M rectifier includes:

  • DE3M rectifier – 1 pc .;
  • a set of operational documentation – 1 set;
  • datasheet – 1 copy;
  • spare parts kit.

For ordering and documentation please see below an example of the Types Code record for the diode converter with the following parameters: a natural air cooling, overload class 3, upgraded, rated current of 50 A, nominal voltage of 230 V, transformer connection of power circuits to the power supply network, basic modification, climatic design and placement category UHL4 (borean climate):

«Rectifier DE3M-50/230-T0-UHL4»

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