Harmonic filters

Harmonic filter is designed for continuous decreasing of voltage harmonic distortion and VAR compensation of loads on electric users in power supply circuits of industrial enterprises as well as in electric networks.
HF consists of high-voltage capacitors impregnated with an ecologically safe dielectric liquid and equipped with bleeder resistors and sectional fuses. Capacitors represent the main compensating component and create reactive power at the fundamental frequency.
The capacitor unit is connected in series with the reactor. The value of reactor inductance is chosen in such a way to ensure that the filter constitutes a low-impedance series resonant circuit at the harmonic frequency. This allows to pass the main part of harmonic current through the filter.
The integrity monitoring device compares current in star-connected capacitor banks, and in case if the capacitor fails or a fuse blows out, it sends a trip signal to the tripping device.

External appearance of HF

By using HF you can achieve the following:
– improve the quality of electric power, by reducing the voltage fluctuations amplitude in the network;
– completely eliminate the influence of a given harmonic on the network;
– reduce the consumption of active energy, by excluding that part of energy which was used to cover losses;
– increase consistency of operation for production equipment, its automated control, protection and supervision systems;
– reduce the payment to a power supply organization for consumed and generated VAR and eliminate possible surcharges on power rates for VAR consumption above contractual values through automatic VAR compensation;
– increase reliability and energy efficiency of power supply by reducing the full-load current.

HF can be completed with:
– high-voltage capacitors ZEZ SILKO s.r.o (Czech Republic);
– reactors Eltiz (Ukraine).

– Novokramatorsky machine-building plant, complete supply of TKRM, 6kV, 13MVAR with filters of the 3rd and 5th harmonics;
– Skoropuskovsky sintez, the scope of delivery includes thyristor converter completed with the 5th harmonic filter, 0,4 kV, 125 kvar; – 8 pcs.;
– Poltavska Burova Kompaniya, the scope of delivery includes thyristor converters completed with eight 5th harmonic filters, containerized, 0,7 kV, 500 kvar;
– OOO “Alfa-Energia”, the scope of delivery includes thyristor converter completed with 11th harmonic filter, 10kV, 600kvar – 2 pcs.;
– ZAO “SoyuzEnergoIndustria” the scope of delivery includes thyristor converters completed with 4 11th harmonic filters, 6kV, 600 kvar – 4 pcs.

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