Гнуття металу

Our company offers sheet metal bending on modern equipment, at favorable prices and within the agreed time frame.

Main characteristics of bending metal:
– The total sheet thickness depending on the type of material, the thickness can be from 0.5 mm to 10 mm;
– The maximum bending length is 2600 mm;
– Working efforts of the machine – 100T.

Main Benefits of Metal Bending:
– high bending accuracy, which allows to produce parts in accordance with all customer requirements;
– the ability to work with different thicknesses and varieties of metals;
– the ability to produce parts in serial batches in a continuous flow;
– efficiency and automation in the production process;
– in places of bending made on machines, the probability of corrosion phenomena is reduced;
– the possibility of metal deformation is practically excluded, which makes it possible to process even the thinnest metal sheets.

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