Converters modernization

General characteristics

  • As a part of the standard modernization we can offer updating of control systems with modern digital control tools;
  • During modernization the most expensive parts of the products – power thyristor, reactor and transformer equipment, switches – will not be replaced. This allows to modernize the product to the modern level with minimal expenses;
  • The object-oriented part of the software gives the opportunity to add new functions to the products if necessary, for eg., network interfaces such as Profibus, CAN, etc., enabling integration of upgraded devices into the centralized automation and diagnostics system;
  • In terms of work experience, this option of modernization is acknowledged as the cheapest for the Customer.

Brief description

  • Scope of upgraded products:
    — converters for DC drives of the following series: TPP, KTE (any modification), KTEV, PTP, PTPU, TP3, TVR, KTEU etc.;
    — excitation systems for synchronous motors of the following series “TV”, “TVU”, “VTE”, “TE8”, “V-TPE8”, “V-TPP8”, etc.;
    — excitation systems for synchronous generators of all series;
    — AC and DC furnace converters;
    — other converting equipment.
  • Standard scope of modernization:
    — power supply unit;
    — control system;
    — sensors;
    — thyristor control pulse amplifiers;
    — relay equipment.
  • Additional scope of modernization:
    — inspection of thyristors, including quality check for all parameters using a special-purpose equipment;
    — power switching equipment;
    — local control devices and on-door control tools;
  • Scope of additional modernization for the DC electric drives:
    — built-in excitation;
    — mechanical brake control device;
    — tachogenerator supply equipment.
  • As a separate option for DC electric drives we propose a supply of a newly developed micro-assembly development to replace former GIS DK-1m.

Structural design

  • Panel with power supply unit, control system, etc., is mounted on the frame inside the cabinet, instead of the former control system;
  • Console terminal can be installed either on the control system panel or on the cabinet door;
  • Separate blocks for auxiliary devices of a DC drive:
    — built-in excitation;
    — mechanical brake control;
    — tachogenerator power supply, etc.

Work stages

  • Object inspection and terms of reference finalization – 1-2 weeks;
  • New control systems production – 3-4 weeks;
  • CS delivery to the customer and installation thereof by the Customer’s staff on the terms of the author’s supervision (3–4 shifts), or conveyance of the product to the manufacturer’s production site, installation of CS and delivery of the product to the customer (1 week);
  • Setting-up and commissioning – 1-2 shifts.

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