Setup and diagnostics package PComplexLab

General specifications

The PComplexLab is a set-up and diagnostic complex that in its basic version includes:

  • in terms of hardware:
    – a laptop computer Notebook (possible to use the customer’s computer, provided that it has a COM port);
    – RS232 adapter;
  • in terms of software:
    – “Link” is a convenient shell that allows for much easier and faster setting up of the converter through graphical display of the control and monitoring system internal parameters, as well as provides visual access to emergency shutdowns analysis;
    – “CodeReadWriter” is a set of utilities intended for work with converter settings and for controller reprogramming. It allows to reduce the time required for setting up the converter and the time for replacing the control system in case of its failure, as well as to make adjustments / upgrades of the control system software.


  • In terms of structural design, a portable computer represents a laptop manufactured by Samsung, Acer, Hewlett Packard, etc., either in a standard version or, by request, in a protected version. The laptop comes in a box, without a laptop case;
  • The laptop is connected to the converter control system via the supplied adapter. The adapter ensures level matching and galvanic isolation of signals to protect COM port from failure. On the laptop side, the adapter connects to COM port and on the side of converter it connects to the control system connector instead of console terminal.


  • “Link” provides for:
    – console terminal mode;
    – dual-channel oscilloscope mode with display of any control and protection system parameters from the available parameters list;
    – interactive work with software recorder embedded in the converter:
    – start / stop of the recorder;
    – data download after manual or emergency stop of the recorder;
    – download of archived data from previous emergency shutdowns restored from NOVRAM;
    – data save to a disk and upload of recorded data from a disk;
    – display of recorded data in form of tables and graphically;
    – display of emergency, warning and service messages list from the control system at the time of shutdown, as well as the time of recorder shutdown.
  • Recorder built into the converter ensures:
    – number of registered parameters – 1-16;
    – measuring resolution – 3.3, 6.6,10.0 msec etc.;
    – recording fragment length – 300 msec (16 channels x 3.3msec) and above;
    – capturing the moment of the recorder stop;
    – saving to NOVRAM the list of emergency, warning and service messages from the control system at the time of stop saving to NOVRAM the data frame after emergency shutdown;
    – duration of the frame stored to NOVRAM – 100 msec and above;
    – number of frames stored to NOVRAM – 3 and more.
  • «Code ReadWriter» ensures:
    – download (archive) from the converter control system to the computer hard drive of NOVRAM copy as a .bin file;
    – upload from computer hard drive to the converter control system of a previously saved NOVRAM copy as a .bin file;
    – importing to a file in the text form of current values ​​of converter settings for the subsequent report;
    – copy, for the purposes of archiving, of the controller’s program in the form of a .bin file;
    – reprogramming the control system controller using a file either previously archived or received from the manufacturer, for eg. provided through Internet with a view to supplement the converter functionality with specific features agreed in Terms of Reference.
  • Optionally, the following additional and auxiliary devices can be delivered:
    –  IINTERNET-terminal – a device for prompt connection of a software and debugging complex to the Internet immediately from the device workplace where such setting up and diagnostics is taking place. The option can be useful for quick resolution of issues arising during setting up / diagnostics / repair of the device, allowing for the exchange of information with the manufacturer’s experts (sending the recorder oscilloscope traces, settings archives, updated software versions for the device controllers, etc.).
    GPRS-modem, GSM-terminal or mobile (GSM) phone can be supplied as INTERNET-terminals.
    – Portable digital oscilloscope – a device intended for visual monitoring of voltage (shape, amplitude, frequency, etc.) during setting up and testing of the device power converter, its sensors, controls, surge voltage protectors, etc.





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