Series reactive power compensators

Reactive power compensators (RPC) are designed for continuous reactive power compensation under variable load conditions. The compensator allows to keep power factor at a specified level during maximum and minimum loads in the power system network.

External appearance of containerized RPC

RPCs consist of capacitor banks connected to the network by contactors when reactive power consumption increases.
RPCs are manufactured for low and high voltage (6, 10kV).
If there is a harmonic distortion in the network, it is possible to implement RPCs with harmonic filtering section. In order to achieve this, in series to capacitor banks a reactor is connected.

The control system can ensure the following types of protection:
– overcurrent protection;
– overload protection;
– monitoring of capacitor capacitance;
– protection against unacceptable changes in the network voltage;
– temperature control inside the cabinet.

Advantages of RPC application

Application of RPC allows to achieve the following:
– improve the quality of electric power, by reducing the voltage fluctuations amplitude in the network;
– reduce the consumption of active energy, by excluding that part of energy which was used to cover losses;
– ensure power supply load by a cable with a smaller section;
– automatically maintain power factor at a specified level;
– increase consistency of operation for production equipment, its automated control, protection and supervision systems;
– increase service life of equipment;
– increase reliability and energy efficiency of power supply by reducing the full-load current;
– avoid deep voltage slumps in power supply lines and increase stability margin of consuming networks under external disturbances;
– connect additional load due to partial current discharge of power transformers and supply cables;
– reduce the payment to a power supply organization for consumed and generated VAR and eliminate possible surcharges on power rates for VAR consumption above contractual values through automatic VAR compensation.


RPC is completed with components of the leading European manufacturers:
– reactive power compensation control system KMB System (Czech Republic);
– capacitors ZEZ SILKO s.r.o (Czech Republic);
– low-voltage contactors Schneider electric (France);
– high-voltage contactors ZEZ SILKO s.r.o (Czech Republic);
– fuses ETI (Slovenia) or Ferraz (France);
– reactors Eltiz (Ukraine).

According to the client’s request the completion can be different from above.

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