Device for protection and trip control (DPTC)

The device for protection and trip control (DPTC) is designed for control and indication of conveyance position in the mine shaft and the speed thereof, as well as for prevention of dangerous overspeeding and trip of the conveyance beyond the limits.

DPTC description (rus)

DPTC consists of:

  • DPTC cabinet, which includes a digital control system, computer-process interfaces, and control and alarm facilities;
  • display computer, comprising of a computer and a monitor.
  • position sensors, in particular an absolute multi-turn encoder with non-volatile data save.
  • software;
  • trip sensors installed in the shaft and required for correction (synchronization) of information on traveled distance to the conveyance actual position. Trip sensors may be not included in the scope of delivery and as an alternative the built-in sensors in winding plant can be used.


In terms of structural design, DPTC can be made in the following versions:

  • in the form of a separate metal mounted cabinet;
  • built into the mine hoisting plant console or control cabinet.

The DPTC control cabinet is produced in the climatic version UHL (boreal climate), placement category 4 according to GOST 15150 and GOST 15543.1.

The Protection Rating is IP54 according to GOST 14254.

Control and display facilities are located on the DPPC cabinet door and enable its autonomous operation without the display computer.

Technical indicators

# Parameters Rate
1 Hoisting height, m 1500
2 Number of levels 10
3 Controlled travel speed range, m/sec 0…25
4 Accuracy of control and digital conveyance travel readout, cm, not exceeding 4
5 Travel commands generation accuracy, m, not exceeding 0,1
6 Speed control accuracy, %, not exceeding 0,5
7 Operating time of overspeed protection and overwinding protection, sec, not exceeding 0,05



  • Generation of protection speed diagrams in the following modes – “Men”, “Cargo” (pictured), “Inspection”, “Oversize”;

  • Read and display of information about speed and position of the conveyance
  • Continuous monitoring of speed and position of the conveyance in accordance with the protection speed diagram, selected depending on the mode of operation.
  • On-line monitoring of lining and ropes stretch;
  • Generation of travel commands to change the speed as per speed diagram in specified travel points;
  • Control of correspondence of the true direction to the given path;
  • Skid and slip control;
  • Automated re-setting of protection speed diagram in accordance with the hoisting plant operation mode and selected working horizon;
  • Ensure unbiased protection speed diagram during stops and maneuvers of the conveyance in the shaft;
  • The ability to verify overspeeding protection tripping;
  • Automatic correction (synchronization) of information on travelled path to the conveyance actual position at specified points of the shaft (according to  the trip sensors signals in the shaft);
  • Control of the conveyance trip beyond specified limiting positions and generation of respective command to activate safety brakes;
  • Self-diagnostics and control of operation error in position sensors duplicating channels;
  • Automatic performance restoration and information recovery on the conveyance position in cases of emergency shutdowns or forced power shutdown on DPTC;
  • Data exchange between the DPTC cabinet and display computer is fulfilled via an industrial serial interface;
  • The console terminal of the DPTC cabinet ensures:
    – parameters input for hoisting, specified parameters of protection speed diagram;
    – access to the DPTC parameters output only by password;
    – display of current status for shutdowns, warnings, messages.
  • DPTC cabinet operation for at least 1 hour in case of no supply voltage;
  • Data registration and archiving on a display computer.

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